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How the AutoPackList® System Works:

The system is controlled by software that conveys, aligns, tracks, justifies and labels the outbound cartons. Upstream of the applicators, the system reads the cartons’ order barcode, looks up the label data in its’ real-time database and transmits the label data to the applicators. The cartons are tracked at a 1/8" resolution along the conveyor belt to the first applicator and the customer packing list is printed and applied to the top or side of the carton. The packing list is verified by a scanner positioned directly following the packing list applicator.

The carton continues on the conveyor to the second applicator and a slightly larger carrier shipping label is printed and accurately applied over the packing list label. The shipping label is verified by a scanner positioned directly following the shipping label applicator. The system is designed to run in a continuous operation and can be operated by a single operator. An optional in-motion scale and scanner can be provided with the system to capture final carton weight for the shipping manifest.